How being environmentally active will benefit your career

Tim Spoerndli, Easnadh Reddington (Stream by Stream)

Freitag, 16:45 – 17:30 Uhr
Raum: 001

We finished our pop music studies in London and started our artist project right at the start of the pandemic which left us with some big question marks. How can we start our careers from home without any gigs that help you build that initial fanbase to start off with? How can we market ourselves without a budget coming in through gigs etc.? But the for us biggest question was, how can our art spark a change and still be sustainable?

Let’s not forget the music market which is highly competitive is also highly saturated with over 60K new songs being released every single day. How should you cut through the noise without being able to afford billboards all over a metropolis and not create a larger carbon footprint?
It’s simple: Build a community of eco-friendly artists and listeners decarbonising their streaming behaviour and working not only towards a social change, but also to create a career for these artists. It’s about artists helping listeners, listeners helping artists and all together changing the music industry to be more sustainable.

Our presentation will teach you about the problems that independent artists face as well as the negative environmental impact of the music industry and how these problems can be solved as one. You will learn about the importance of working as a network of artists, how the music industry is working relentlessly on becoming green and how you can market yourself no matter your budget.